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Scottish Deaf Golf Association is the only governing body for amateur golf in Scotland representing deaf and hard of hearing persons as recognised by UK Deaf Sport, World Deaf Golf Federation and Scottish Golf Union.


Scottish Deaf Golf Association is a non-profit making organisation, and also is a registered charity number SC039108 in Scotland.


Scottish Deaf Golf Association was one of the original member countries of the World Deaf Golf Federation in 1994.


Scottish Deaf Golf Association has operated over 30 years to arrange national events and also arrange international teams for Auld Enemies Cup, World Championships and European Championships.


David Wilson


Management Committee Members

Chair - Steven Gardiner

Vice Chair - Mark Lothian

Secretary - David Wilson

Treasurer - Leslie Falconer

Match Secretary - Scott Ritchie


Sub-Committee Members

Fundraising Officer - Steven Cafferty

Website Officer - Scott Ritchie

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How we started


In 1984, Scottish Deaf Sports Council appointed David Wilson as an organiser to arrange golf comeptitions with a grant of £100 which is compared to today's £1,000. 


On 9th June 1984, 1st Scratch Championship was launched with 29 players plahing two rounds on the day.  Ian Kennedy was the scratch winner, and he still plays today.


Following the success event in 1984, 1st Handicap Championship was added to 2nd Scratch Championship in 1985.  26 players took part on the day.   David Wilson was the handicap winner, and he still plays today.


Scotland and England took part of the first international match play event. in the world in 1985.


Following success events of 1984 and 1985, Scottish Deaf Golf Association was founded by David Wilson in 1985 which was later established in 1986 with the first management committee.


An official logo was introduced until it was decided to revamp an logo in 2010.

How we grew



Handicap Championships were split into two divisions for 1st Class Championships (handicap limit of 18) and 2nd Class Championships (handicap 19 or higher).



Dunhill Cup and Inter Area (now Challenge Cup) were introduced.



Seniors Championship was introduced with the Shield donated by Pat Daly.



Stableford Championship was introduced 



First website was introduced



Scottish Deaf Golf Association won the rights to host 8th World Deaf Golf Championships in 2010



Inter Area renamed Challenge Cup.  Scottish Deaf Golf Association became a registered charity on 24th December.



Scottish Deaf Golf Association hosted 8th World Deaf Golf Championships.   David Ewen, of Scotland, was the winner in Individual Men.   Scotland were the winner in Team Men.



A first charity golf day was introduced.

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